Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, and no trust. – ZigZiglar

Every day, millions of people are spending money both online and offline. People are buying things– they’re just not buying from you yet. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to identify why they are not buying from you and fix it.

The reasons why no one is buying from you and how to fix them: 

  1. Obscurity – people don’t know you, or they don’t know you have the solution to a problem they have. To solve this problem, you need to start intentionally promoting yourself, your business and creating awareness around the problems you solve in the marketplace. 
  2. Fear & doubt – many people don’t do business with you because they have deep rooted fears or beliefs that are holding them back. Sometimes, the fear has nothing to do with your integrity or character, but it has everything to do with the person’s upbringing and their past negative experiences.

The antidote for fear is proper education. When you enlighten people, you free them from endangering themselves and sabotaging their own potential.

That’s why I believe that the core art of salesmanship is education (teaching) – a good salesman is a teacher at heart. 

  • Price/money – for many people out there, price is a serious concern. Most times, the concern is that the price is too expensive. I’ve also seen people who don’t buy cheap things. In order to fix this, you must understand how your value matches your price. And focus on getting the people who can afford what you offer. The goal is to always give more value than what you’re charging. 
  • No need – some people don’t need what you’re selling. Avoid them! There are others who think they don’t need it but they do need it, for those ones, use education again. Educate them on how your offer fits into their goals or plans. Do not be afraid to let a customer who does not need what you have to offer to go. It’s the noble thing to do. 
  • Don’t like you, don’t trust you – again, people buy from people they like and trust. If you want people to like you, be the entrepreneur that adds value upfront before asking for money.

Always be willing to give a bit of value and assistance or deliver some demonstrations before asking for the sale. Trust comes with time and consistency. Grow steadily! 


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