Build robust relationships and networks for growing your self and your business.


This forum is for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for better ways to grow their business and build valuable relationships with other business minded individuals in Abuja. 


The Fordax entrepreneurs' network (FEN)

Grow your business and build valuable relationships…

FEN is for you if:


You are looking to start your next multimillion Naira business   and could use some support and encouragement.


You want to grow your contact and expand your network with quality friendships for personal and business growth?


You will like to have access to a world-class business and entrepreneurship education like a short MBA program?

What is FEN like?

  • FEN is a network where budding and seasoned entrepreneurs can meet to share ideas, strategies and findings to help each other grow.
  • FEN is a network where entrepreneurs can learn some of the things taught in top tier business schools – like administration, management, finance, startup acceleration, distribution, networking, leadership, partnerships etc.
  • FEN is a network where entrepreneurs can easily find partners, co-founders or business partnership by simply talking to members in the network.
  • FEN is a network that government agencies and financial institutions would love to partner with and the network can help members to secure grants, loans and other forms of business finance and partnerships to help them grow their business.

Who's this network for?

how it works?

P.S: The monthly subscription helps us to handle some of the expenses in managing the forum. We also accept partnerships and sponsorships from businesses and individuals who’re passionate about entrepreneurship or those who want us to partner together for mutual benefits.

Subscriptions & Payments

Send proof of payment to this WhatsApp contact and request to be added to the WhatsApp group if you haven’t joined.

Bank Transfer

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Bank Bank: Sterling Bank

Account Number: 0076264011

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work ~ Robert Kiyosaki"