The Fordax Business School's MBA combines online lectures with on-site school experience...

Our MBA program is ideal for entrepreneurs, professionals, business executives and freelancers seeking to master the fundamental principles of successful business practices without getting overwhelmed or exhausted.



An accelerated MBA program that gives you the most essential, most up-to-date and most practical business education, taught by industry experts, in 18 minutes or less...

Startup Management

Leadership & Corporate Strategy

Operations Management


Our MBA courses, taught by industry experts with decades of experience, offer a concise yet thorough overview of the most essential business concepts, ideas and strategies. This course is designed to provide a solid foundation in general business practice, regardless of your current level of education or experience in the field. We encourage students to apply what they learn in class to real-world business scenarios, maximizing their understanding and results.

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Why Choose our MBA?

  • An accelerated MBA program that gives you the most essential, most up-to-date and most practical business education, taught by industry experts in 18 minutes or less.
  • Study by watching bite-sized business education in 18 minutes or less. These courses are designed to help you digest core business principles without burning out.
  • You will have access to additional materials - ebooks, videos, audio books etc so you further deepen your knowledge and understanding of the course.
  • You will have access to mentorship from some of the top minds and respected authorities in the field of business - Fela Durotoye, Olakunle Soriyan, Dr. Olumide Emmanuel, Professor June Mark, Leke Alder - a host of other international entrepreneurs and business educators as your faculty members.
  • Combine your online learning with on-site classes for case studies, deep dives, business simulation, business excursions, networking, group projects and interactive class activities.
  • Join our International Community and Connect with people around the world for networking and business purposes.

Our course encourages students to approach business with a fresh perspective and to critically evaluate concepts and ideas in light of real-world business realities. We prioritize critical thinking and analysis, allowing students to improve and refine their understanding of business principles. Our course is designed to help students ask the right questions, rather than simply accepting conventional answers. By critically evaluating key concepts and principles, you will develop a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of what businesses are and what successful businesses do. Moreover, you will learn to apply these principles with ease and improve your decision-making skills in any business context.



$300 $99 / month


$300 $99 / month