Fen Articles Of Association And Rules Of Engagement

We welcome you to FEN and we wish to help you understand how we operate. Please note that we have deep respect for you and we expect you to reciprocate that by respecting our rules, regulations and modes of operation.



  1. FEN is only for legitimate entrepreneurs. We do not accept members whose businesses are built on illegal or dangerous practices.
  2. Being part of our WhatsApp group does not make you a bona fide member of the group. Only those who subscribe through payment are regarded as so.
  3. Always take your time to vet any member before having any serious business dealing with them. We can’t take responsibility for any malpractices carried out by any of the members in the network. Do your due diligence!

What is not acceptable?

  1. You’re not allowed to spam members of the group either manually or by using third party apps.
  2. You’re not allowed to insult any of the members or disrespect them on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity etc.
  3. You’re not allowed to impersonate the admin or any key member of the Fordax Companies.
  4. You’re not allowed to share promotions, adverts or links to external websites without permission from the admin.
  5. You’re not allowed to sell illegal or bad items or provide bad or poor services to members you met through the network.

What’s acceptable?

    1. You may introduce yourself and what you do to the group.
    2. You may post job openings or quests for services or products in the group.
      They must be on a single post and should not be reposted more than two times in a week.
    3. You may share your ideas, thoughts and valuable pieces of advice in the group but not in the form of any external links.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, provided each member do their due diligence before embarking on such.  

In Abuja every last Saturday of the month